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Rent a car Philippines news and metro manila traffic news,reviews, and weather condition.

Rent a car Philippines news for seasoned travelers who just want to visit the Philippines history and heritage. Weather conditions for the typhoon seasons. Regular traffic updates, roads and highway closures to detour rerouting.

Toyota Hi Ace van and it’s different types and models for rent

rent a car manila van models

Toyota Hi Ace Vans.   Toyota Hi Ace van for rent have so many inquiries and it seems most renters don’t know the model types . Toyota Hi Ace Vans different types and models . On a wire top view highlighting it’s doors with seating capacity and arrangement. Including it’s different transmission. Starting with the […]

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Owning a car versus renting with car rent manila

car rent manila vehicle costing

Renting a car manila versus vehicle ownership. Renting a car in manila versus actually owning a vehicle Renting a car in manila is a cheaper alternative vs actually owning one. Subsequently our company offers  the most affordable rates and the best option. First we have the option for those short either plan or all of a sudden […]

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