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Hyundai Grand Starex van for hire 2020 edition

2020 Hyundai grand starex van for hire.


Hyundai grand starex van for hire with revolving captain seats and executive entertainment system to boot.


The Hyundai Grand starex gold edition is a van made to look and feel like an SUV. It’s seating capacity of 10 with ample space and numerous set-ups or arrangement. Second row seats that has a foldable middle from a seat extension to small table and can be rotated 180 degrees angle facing to face the 3rd row seats with a lift of a finger. Third row seats the can be folded, push and pull from the far side of the back to a few inches in the 2nd row to give either ample space for passenger or cargo alike. Finally we go to the foldable 14 inches 4 din overhead entertainment system that come with multiple USB, SD, MMC car slots for your movies or presentation on the go.



➥ service type: self-driven (age 21~60 years old) or chauffeur-driven

➥ car rental rate: starts at 3,036.85 ~ 6,073.70 (monthly to daily) per day for  self drive. rental rate differs based on duration and/or destination. with no minimum days rental for SELF-DRIVE. (options: additional driver, GPS using iPad mini, baby car seat & CDW not yet included)

➥ early booking discounts: 5% Off for 30 days early reservation and up to 10% Off for 3 months early reservation with initial deposit.





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Hyundai Grand Starex van for hire

  • Five Door Full size Van with automatic transmission
  • 180 degrees revolving captains chair
  • Entertainment system with foldable roof mounted LCD monitor
  • up to ten seating capacity with seat belts
  • up to ten full size luggage or 6 balikbayan boxes
  • 3.0  liter turbo diesel engine
  • strong circular air-con with multiple vents
  • executive black
  • two rows of adjustable seats
  • fordable, push and pull last row for storage capacity



From the Outside not much has change with its iconic front engine design which is copied by Toyota nowadays. Whats great is the handle and control of the wheel almost like driving a car so to speak. And not to mention the finely tune buttons for controls all place neatly near the driver for easy and safety.




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