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Reserve and booking a car rental in manila Philippines

Reserve and booking a car rental.


      Reserve and booking a car rental  isn’t as simply as most people think especially if you going to do the driving by yourself or self driving car rentals.I always wonder how these business do from start right up to the delivery and full payment.

There are certain process in which you will be surprise how tedious and strict rent a car companies in manila Philippines is. Here is a breakdown of steps by steps that our company vmct rent a car follows.

 Inquiring the rates and availability of your requested vehicles.

In these step in which most clients or renters is suggested to go through our online inquiry form by our staff. Even if you find us at internet search google contact us via landline (843-85-61), mobile (09778171690) or Facebook (https://web.facebook.com/carrentalinmanila/) in which you will have to go to our online inquiry form http://www.carrentmanila.com/car-rent-manila-inquiry-form/. By simply filling up the form saves us from any wrong information or mishandling of request.

Many which thinks that upon filling up our certain form they are oblige or force to rent a car with our company.

Please note that it is a company policy of ours that unless all necessary documents are sent and verified plus the initial payment has been made we do not considered a inquiry fully reserve or booked.





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