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Van for rent manila with up to 15 adult seating capacity

Our van for rent manila can carry up to 16 people and stuff perfect for those company team building. And those occasional roadtrips with the family. We have different types of van to suite any trips.

van for rent manila toyota commuter MTOur toyota commuter mt which has 16 seater capacity.

Built for the long road and most seating capacity but limited or lacking exterior and interior comforts and design.


van for rent manila toyota garndia GlThe toyota Grandia GL At with 13 seating capacity.

The grandia has the comfort and style to get you where you want to go. With its 13 seater capacity it’s the perfect for any small or big family.


Toyota Grandia for van rent Toyota Super Grandia fabric At

Name that has it. Superb interior with its dual captains seat. Has all the amenities that toyota can offer.



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Hyundai Grand Starex van for hire 2020 edition

2020 Hyundai grand starex van for hire.   Hyundai grand starex van for hire with revolving captain seats and executive entertainment system to boot.   The Hyundai Grand starex gold edition is a van made to look and feel like an SUV. It’s seating capacity of 10 with ample space and numerous set-ups or arrangement. […]

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NV350 Premium van for rent

NV350 front view

The all new NV350 Premium van for rent with 16 seating capacity. NV350 Premium 16 seating capacity van boast a conventional full size van with a grand and refined.   Nv350 Premium van for rent with automatic transmission is not just your typical full on van or mini bus as they called. We don’t usually […]

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2018 Toyota Grandia 3.0 AT 2 tone white pearl

van for rent manila

2018 Toyota Grandia 3.0 AT 2 tone white pearl Van for rent manila 2018 Toyota grandia automatic transmission two tone white pearl. The Toyota Grandia our van for rent manila is perfect for those one of a kind/best day of your life ever. Weddings and nuptials are those treasured moments.having a venue that is outside […]

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2018 Toyota Hiace Commuter 3.0 MT

2018 Toyota Hi-ace Commuter 3.0 Manual Transmission  van for rent manila self drive practical for out of town. Probably one of the most celebrated van across the nation. Van for rent manila self drive when it comes to  versatility,fuel efficiency, tested frame and overall value factor the Toyota commuter is the one to beat. First […]

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2016 Toyota Super Grandia Fabric 3.0 A/T

Toyota Grandia for van rent manila

2016 Toyota Super Grandia van for rent manila Fabric 3.0 A/T full-size luxury and comfort full size van. super grandia van for rent manila comes with strong multiple vents AC and safety passenger dual airbag. SUPER Grandia is probably Toyota’s  cheapest luxury van with 2 captain chairs seats at the second row.       ➥ […]

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2016 Toyota GL Grandia 3.0 A/T

Toyota Grandia for van rent manila

Toyota Grandia van for rent with 3.0 engine and Automatic  Transmission Is the perfect full-size van for rent  self driven. It comes with strong Dual Air condiotioning system with multiple row vents and dual airbag. The Toyota Grandia van for rent is arguably the best value per money  in its segment.Unlike its other cheaper model it […]

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