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child car seat for rent a car

kids car seat yleony

Child car seat in car for rent  Manila Philippines.                    Children car seat was always an issue especially for the little ones safety and security.                                        Children’s safety in […]

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NV350 Premium van for rent

NV350 front view

The all new NV350 Premium van for rent with 16 seating capacity. NV350 Premium 16 seating capacity van boast a conventional full size van with a grand and refined.   Nv350 Premium van for rent with automatic transmission is not just your typical full on van or mini bus as they called. We don’t usually […]

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All New Toyota Vios for hire 2018 1.3 CVT E

all new toyota vios for hire

The new Toyota Vios for hire receives a completely redesigned. The new Toyota vios for hire has body with a design language shared with its five-door sibling, the Yaris. The all new Toyota vios for hire. With  an up front it gets a split grille flanked by longer swept-back headlights. It receives vertical fog-light housings […]

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Reserve and booking a car rental in manila Philippines

Reserve and booking a car rental.         Reserve and booking a car rental  isn’t as simply as most people think especially if you going to do the driving by yourself or self driving car rentals.I always wonder how these business do from start right up to the delivery and full payment. There […]

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security bond or deposit. what and why? car rental companies require this!

Security bond and deposit. what and why? car rental companies with self drive rent a car services require this!         Security bond and deposit in rent a cars is a common question upon or even after renting a car self drive. in this post we will break it to a few things well at […]

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Toyota Hi Ace van and it’s different types and models for rent

rent a car manila van models

Toyota Hi Ace Van.   The Toyota Hi Ace van a name plate has been around longer than i can remember. A van for rent have so many inquiries and it seems most renters don’t know the model types . Toyota Hi Ace model Van different types and models . Wire top view highlighting it’s […]

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2018 Honda City E Cvt AT for rent

2018 Honda City 1.5 E CVT AT for rent. Bolder and sharper with all the modern technology. 2018 Honda City E Cvt AT for rent. Has an all new design features like led day time running lights, led fog and head lights, new alloy wheel design and of course new front grille.       ➥ […]

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Owning a car versus renting with car rent manila

car rent manila vehicle costing

Renting a car manila versus vehicle ownership. Renting a car in manila versus actually owning a vehicle Renting a car in manila is a cheaper alternative vs actually owning one. Subsequently our company offers  the most affordable rates and the best option. First we have the option for those short either plan or all of a sudden […]

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2018 Toyota Grandia 3.0 AT 2 tone white pearl

van for rent manila

2018 Toyota Grandia 3.0 AT 2 tone white pearl Van for rent manila 2018 Toyota grandia automatic transmission two tone white pearl. The Toyota Grandia our van for rent manila is perfect for those one of a kind/best day of your life ever. Weddings and nuptials are those treasured moments.having a venue that is outside […]

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2015 Toyota Vios 1.3j MT

rent a car manila

2015 Toyota Vios 1.3j with Manual Transmission is our cheapest rent a car manila. Perfect for those quick trip back and forth going manila to tagaytay or manila to batangas vise versa. Rent a car manila whether for business, pleasure or just plain old road trips. The perfect mixture of its fuel Economy and well […]

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